I. You have a bizarre name - Woolgathering Company. Do you sell wool?
We are different. So our name is bizarrely different too. No, we don't sell wool. We do have wool scarves and throws though. Email us to get our detailed catalog.
II. Are you manufacturers?
No. We don't even like that word. We are designers, copy-cats, enthusiasts, curators and others words like these.
III. Are you nomadic?
Yes, we carry a badge to prove that.
IV. Can I buy a few items, instead of wholesale?
Yes, if we love you. Or find a reason to love you. Example:- If you are married to our best friend.
V. You have few things in your collection. Why?
Because we are picky. We also have very few friends. We aren’t on Facebook either. What you find there is not friendship, its hogwash.
VI. Are you rich?
Hahaha. No. And we don’t plan to either. It will make our mother really upset.
VII. Are you a hippie? I keep seeing boring words like “handloom”, “handmade" and “cotton” on this website.
Yes. We are modern day hippies. We just bathe and shampoo more regularly.