THE REAL ARTISANS ARE CANTANKEROUS and impractical. But we like them this way. Their quality check is stricter than of a professional QC agency. These men and women take our vision and designs, pepper it with the age old dos and donts of the craft their elders taught them, and usually we end up with something spectacular. They teach us more than any university course could. Deadlines mean little to them. Hence, we always keep a time buffer in hand long enough to handle MOOD SWINGS, shortage of supplies or the long list of Indian festivals that close down the entire COMMUNITY.

women doing embroidery







carpet weaver






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Our collaborators work either at home or close to home. CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES of several artisans, when they exist, work in wonderful ways to preserve not just an art-form or a skill but also the ambience and culture around them. When the environment is comfortable and conducive, things work out beautifully for everyone. It is also extremely important to ensure SURVIVAL OF THIS SKILL and knowledge and in this process, all family members learn it. KIDS help out and learn without even realizing the grand scheme at work. They also learn to respect the art. Our interaction with them is precious. They get terribly uncomfortable with compliments! Knowing that this art, this skill and this trade is valued and respected makes sure that the next generation not only learns but also happily continues the tradition.