Why textiles ?

IN INDIA, we often notice that people touch a fabric, feel it between their thumb and index finger, TO JUDGE ITS QUALITY. While in India, you will also see more TEXTILE stores than you can imagine. Fabric is a large part of life here. COTTON is essential for home and summer wear. SILKS are for special occasions. LINEN is for the well-heeled. Polyester fabrics are looked down upon. OUR MOTHERS NEVER BOUGHT ANYTHING POLYESTER TO WEAR. Its almost taboo.


Our TEXTILES are usually impractical. Which is to say that they are HANDMADE.Its a slow process that makes a cloth that deserves RESPECT and love. Its not meant for FAST fashion where you use something for just SIX MONTHS. Handlooms use ZERO electricity. Its how our artisans exercise, working the LOOM with their arms and legs. HANDLOOM FABRICS have a mind of their own, in a good way. They STAND OUT WHEN THEY NEED TO. They comfort you, cocoon you and make you forget that they are enveloping your body. Handloom fabrics will cool you in summer, warm you in winters and stay relevant for decades and decades. WE HAVE TEXTILES FOR HEIRLOOMS, thats how important they are.


silk brocade

sico brocade

handloom cotton